Court Docs Reveal Details in Army Reservist's Violent Death

USMC Corp. Kevin Coset accused of shooting and stabbing Lt. Alvin Bulaoro

An arrest warrant released in the case of a U.S. Marine Corporal charged with the murder of an Army reservist, reveals the victim, Alvin Bulaoro, was shot twice in the head and stabbed numerous times.

Prosecutors called it a "horrific" murder, and said the suspect tried to conceal evidence of his alleged crime.

Evidence revealed in the warrant indicates Bulaoro was killed in a Fallbrook hotel room, and that the suspect, Cpl. Kevin Coset, then drove the victim's body to a shopping center parking lot.

The victim was last seen December 21st. His body was found January 3rd.

According to the arrest warrant, the victim and the suspect had met up in an Albertson's parking lot in Fallbrook.

Detectives say surveillance video shows that the suspect parked his car in the lot, got into the victim's Toyota 4Runner, and the two men drove away.

Evidence reveals the men knew each other for at least a short time before the alleged murder.

They allegedly met by agreement at a Fallbrook parking lot, and drove to the hotel.

Once there, investigators allege that Coset slit the victim's throat almost from ear-to-ear, and shot him twice in the head.

The warrant indicates that the suspect later drove the victim's Toyota back to the lot, with the victim's body inside.

Surveillance video, credit card receipts and interviews established that Coset is the suspected killer.

The arrest warrant also quotes the victim's brother as telling investigators that his brother was a homosexual, and may have been headed for a popular San Diego gay bar when he was first reported missing on December 23.

But the evidence indicated that Bulaoro never left the Fallbrook area.

Coset, who was arrested Feb. 22, was formally charged with the murder Monday afternoon.

At Monday's hearing, the judge said Coset is a danger to the community and a flight risk. In an unusual move, he set bail at $5 million, a million more than prosecutor requested.

Family members told NBC 7 San Diego that Bularo's sexual orientation is not important. They said they can't understand why anyone would want to hurt, much less kill, Alvin Bulaoro. 

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