Gas Taxes Make Another Jump In California

July 1st increase leads to highest taxes in the nation

Alex Saridakis says she looks for the lowest prices when she fills her gas tank.

"We all feel the strain of filling up our tas tanks every week," said Saridakis.  She says she is not happy about the latest tax hike hitting local gas pumps.

"They keep saying this money is going for the roads, I don't personally see it."

On July 1, California gas taxes will increase 5.7 cents.  It is part of a Senate Bill passed by the Legislature in Sacramento and signed by then Governor Jerry Brown in 2017.  At the time gas taxes went up 12 cents along with additional registration fees. The money from the increase is supposed to go to roads and bridges along with bicycle and pedestrian projects. But drivers at Midway Shell seemed to be skeptical that the tax increase is improving local roads.

With the new gas tax increase, California is now more than $1 above the national average price for gas. NBC 7's Liberty Zabala has more.

Cedric Collins called it "ridiculous."

"We keep taxing and taxing and taxing, taxes on top of taxes, but our roads still aren't repaired," said Collins.

Scott Johnson agrees, "You just get the sense you're getting ripped off and taken advantaged of."

San Diego drivers are making a mad dash to fill up their gas tanks ahead of the gas tax increase. The new tax is meant to improve our roads. NBC 7's Ramon Galindo shows us, drivers are worried about how that money is being used.

When combined withi federal taxes, California drivers will be paying just under 80 cents of taxes for every gallon of gas.  That will push California past Pennsylvania as the state with the highest gas taxes.

Kara Havens says she would like to have better roads but isn't sure the extra gas tax will make a difference, "It just seems like it's a hopeless cause, like a money pit."

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