Gas Prices Continue to Soar


If you stopped to fill up lately, you may have noticed the price of gas shot up over the weekend.

People stopping to fill up their tanks were shocked to see prices five to 15 cents higher than last week.

Drivers are looking for ways to save money and it may not be easy. Here's the deal, we are in a mess right now with the price of gas. Between unrest in the Middle East and refinery shutdowns in California, prices are going up nearly every day.

I spoke with several drivers who say they may have to start looking for ways to spend less.

"I'm just gonna ride my bike, get a little more exercise, that's about the size of it," said gas station customer Mike Bitiello. "I could complain I guess, but I don't really know how to get a hold of the big oil companies and tell them how I feel. I don't think they care."

Prices across San Diego jumped six cents over the weekend to an average of three dollars and 55 cents per gallon.

It's costing more to fill up the tank, but will it keep people from driving?

We've seen things get better, but we've also seen them get worse and many are predicting the increase isn't over.

"They (gas companies) tell us that they're still going to be going up a lot more," said gas station attendant Eilia Sam. I asked him if he thought it would effect consumers. "Well, no, because everybody's gotta drive.  Maybe it will drop a little, but not enough to make an effect on it."

The rain may have kept people from driving and filling up, so many people are just now seeing the huge jump at the pump. I predict those prices will go up between two and seven cents this week.

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