Gas Prices Above $4 in San Diego

Experts say shopping around could save you 10 cents a gallon

For the first time since September, gas prices in San Diego have passed the $4 mark.

The average price for a gallon rose $.22 in the past month – a price that’s so high it's affecting San Diego families and businesses.

Businesses that depend on deliveries such as Flowers of Point Loma say they're feeling the pinch.

The cost to ship flowers has increased their prices 7 to 10 percent overall.

Delivery driver Patrick Scarry said it has changed how he does business.
"I had to limit how far we can go on some of the deliveries like as far as our range, you know, we will usually go as far as like Poway but since the gas has gone up, we've had to cut it down a little bit," Scarry said.

Soon, the business says it will have to choose between charging an extra delivery fee or eating the cost in profits.

Experts say gas prices typically go up in the summer because of high demand and the more expensive summer fuel blend.

They say the refineries are pumping up the price on big brand dealers and those dealers are passing it down to consumers.

Experts recommend checking prices at independent dealers instead of the big brand name stations. It could save you about 10 cents a gallon.

When is a good time to fill your tank? NBC 7 offers a “Gas Price Forecast” every Monday and Thursday on NBC 7 News at 4.

This week, expect prices to stay about the same or even drop slightly at the independent stations.
Wholesale prices are up at the name brand stations.

So if you shop around this week, you'll find stations still selling gas well below $4.

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