Gas Grills That Sizzle

Summer options for a new BBQ

Grill season is in full swing at Consumer Reports headquarters.

Testers are busy putting gas grills through some tough temperature tests, measuring how hot the grill is after ten minutes - that’s your typical pre-heat time. We also look at how even the heat is across the cooking surface and we test how well a grill can handle the task of indirect heating which is that low temperature you need to slow cook something like ribs.”

The tests found you may want to reconsider how big of a grill you buy. The $3,200 Napolean Prestige Pro (665RSIB) is the ONLY large gas grill that earned a recommendation. 

Consumer Reports says you’ll get more bang for your buck with a recommended midsize grill. CR’s tests find that grills in that mid-size range can typically hold about 18-28 burgers at once. That’s plenty of space to cook for a crowd.

The $1,200 Weber Genesis (II LX S-340) earned a spot on the recommended list. It offers an add-on module called the iGrill3 - it connects to an app that tells you everything from your food’s temperature and when it’s done to how much gas remains in the tank.

But Consumer Reports tests found you don't need to spend nearly that much. The Nex-Grill (720-0830H) from Home Depot costs just $270.  It’s ready to grill in ten minutes and holds an even temperature.

And if you’re short on space consider a smaller Char-Broil (463675517.) It costs about $300, heats up evenly and offers a wide temperature range so you can cook a variety of foods.

If you’re a fan of charcoal grilling Consumer Reports also took a look at the 18-inch Weber Kettle Grill. For about $80, you get even heating and a good choice for grilling up basics like burgers and hot dogs. 

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