Chula Vista

Garbage Truck Driver Dumps Flaming Trash at Chula Vista Fire Station

Instead of picking up garbage, one sanitation worker found himself dropping off trash -- this one engulfed in flames

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The driver of a Chula Vista trash truck noticed his load had caught flames and called 911 dispatchers Thursday, who advised him to drive to a nearby fire station and drop the flaming load off, according to the Chula Vista Fire Department.

Firefighters ran out of the Chula Vista Fire Department Station 7 and doused the pile of burning trash with water. The sanitation worker then left.

Officials advised the public to avoid the area in front of Station 7 while the trash is cleaned up. The station is located at 1640 Santa Venetia St. in Chula Vista.

As for the burned mound of trash, there is no estimated time on when it will be cleaned up, the fire department said.

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