Gang Members Sentenced To Life In Prison For Fatal La Mesa Shootings

Two gang members were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole Friday for two separate murders in La Mesa.

Donte Jerome Haddock, 28, and Anthony Constantine Frank, 28, were each convicted of two counts of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and one count of attempted murder.

During the sentencing, one of the murder victim's family members shared passionate words with the courtroom about the loss after the shooting.

"Misery and hell that you brought into our life are now the misery and hell that you will now have to deal with for the rest of your life," said Deborah Flores, mother of Xusha Brown Jr.

Flores addressed the two men sentenced for the murder of her son Brown Jr.

Brown Jr. is the son of a tribal leader with the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation.

"We are not going to share stories of our son with neither of you because you don't deserve to hear how great he was, or the love that he had," said Flores.

Haddock and Frank were found guilty of two counts of murder and conspiracy to commit murder for Brown Jr. in 2013.

La Mesa police have arrested three suspects involved in the death of Xusha Brown Junior. Brown was shot and killed more than three years ago in a highway shooting on Interstate 8 in La Mesa. NBC 7’s Elena Gomez has the details.

Prosecutors said the pair shot inside a car driving on the Interstate 8 freeway hitting Brown Jr. and also injuring the driver, Malcolm Hune.

The pair was sentenced to a count of attempted murder of Hune.

"This was an extremely long and difficult investigation for law enforcement," said Deputy District Attorney, Sophia Roach.

Haddock and Frank were also sentenced to murder and conspiracy to commit murder for shooting Darris Walker in 2011.

Prosecutors believe the gang feud that led to Brown Jr.'s death was also responsible for the death of Walker in 2011. Walker was found shot in the parking lot behind the Marie Callendar's Restaurant on Alvarado Road.

"These are tragic and yet appropriate sentences for two men who have taken the lives of two young men," said Roach.

During the sentencing, Frank apologized to both families for the loss of their sons. Haddock said he is innocent and will appeal.

The prosecutor read a letter from Walker's family. In the letter, his family said Walker was a Grossmont College student with many dreams.

The letter also said now they will never know what could've been of his life, but they have to forgive them, but will never forget.

Haddock and Frank are each facing three life sentences, plus 82 years for Haddock and 95 years for Frank. They owe the court $10,000 in restitution as well as court fees and a sum for the victim's compensation program.

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