Gang Carried Out Revenge Killings, “Murder Selfies”: Complaints

Fifty people were arrested Thursday in connection with the West Coast Crips street gang

Court complaints against 55 alleged gang members and associates describe an increasingly sophisticated and violent criminal operation operated throughout San Diego that included revenge killings, student drug mules and even selfies at a murder site.

Nineteen suspects were arraigned Friday in federal court on charges of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and carrying a firearm during drug trafficking crime.

They were the first of many suspects charged for their involvement in the West Coast Crips street gang, according to U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy.

At a press conference Thursday, Duffy outlined the hierarchy of the criminal organization that spanned from Logan Heights to El Cajon.

At the top sit the Original Gangsters – or OGs -- who are the leaders. One alleged OG, Randy Alton Graves, was arrested Thursday evening in Las Vegas as part of a multi-agency crackdown on the gang.

In the second tier are the “homies,” the slightly senior members who have earned the trust of fellow gang members.

And the so-called “babies” are the newest gang members and often the most violent, since they deal directly with street drug users and distributors, Duffy said.

One clique of “babies” centered in San Diego refer to themselves as “3-Babiez.” According to a complaint, three members of the clique -- Marcus “Missle” Foreman, Wilbert “Coy Blue” Ross and Terry “Caby” Carry Hollins – carried out a revenge killing on a Hispanic gang member in retribution for a carjacking.

One Crip member allegedly asked the victim, Andres Caldera, for a cigarette. When Caldera asked where he was from, the member yelled, “I am from West Coast,” pulled out a .40 caliber handgun and shot Caldera point-blank in the face.

The complaint also details the shootings of West Coast Crip members for disloyalty or suspected cooperation with law enforcement.

Crips member Meashal Fairley was shot to death in front of a San Diego nightclub in April 2013 during a fight over his supposed involvement with police, the complaint said.

Later that year, Crips associate Chyrene Borgen was killed at a Halloween party after she criticized the “3-Babiez” for their suspected part in Fairley’s death.

The complaint alleges after her shooting death, several defendants posted selfies on Facebook from the crime scene. One suspect is shown wearing a T-shirt that reads “3 BABIEZ, YELLOW TAPE GANG, ANYBODY KILLA.”

Around the same time, the complaint said Jermaine “Tre-O” Gerald Cook was recorded on cell phone video with other 3-Babiez members, boasting about how they are willing to kill anyone – even women.

In another incident, Crips member Paris Hill was allegedly killed by fellow Crips for giving a statement to police.

Finally, the complaint describes how a pregnant Crips associate was shot by a 3-Babiez member because she also criticized the group. She and her baby survived, but gang members were accused of looking for ways to kill her in the hospital.

A separate operation was detailed in a second court complaint. In it, some students at El Cajon Valley High School are accused of smuggling meth from Mexico into the United State for the Crips.

The idea has many parents concerned.

“Kids smuggling drugs? I mean, you think of adults doing that and smuggling across in cars and stuff. You don’t imagine kids doing that,” said Cheryl Eutsey, the parent of an ECVHS student.

ECVHS Principal Erin Richisin said she has reached out to law enforcement but has not been able to confirm if any current students are involved in the investigation.

The school sent out an email Friday, warning parents that media stories about the gang bust mentioned their school.

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