Gaffe by Brown Flack Won’t Go Away

Republicans are crying hypocrisy as Attorney General Jerry Brown goes after anti-ACORN vigilantes

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It's the gaffe that just won't go away: Scott Gerber, former spokesperson for Attorney General Jerry Brown, secretly recorded calls with half a dozen press outlets.

Republican detractors have seized on the similarities between that case and one currently being prosecuted by Brown against activists that secretly video taped meetings with affordable-housing advocates ACORN.

While recording the calls may or may not have been illegal, it's still bad political news for Brown, who's seeking the Democratic Party's nomination for governor. Though he's currently running unopposed, it could open up an opportunity for another challenger in next year's June primary.

After all, Senator Dianne Feinstein has never given an unequivocal no as to whether or not she'll run, and is now saying she may make a decision after candidates release their budget proposals.

And the root issue over which all this political pressure and speculation began, changing California's insurance laws via a ballot measure? Calbuzz brings you the pro and con arguments.

Jackson West shudders to think who Feinstein might pick to replace her in the senate if she's elected governor.

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