Gadget Fest Heads to Las Vegas

Consumer Electronics Show opens it's doors

Sony is taking truckloads of gadgets; Dan Cwieka is filling up his own car.  Both are hoping to make a splash at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.  The annual Las Vegas show features the latest in electronic gadgets from big screen TV's to cell phones.

Sony is introducing a new laptop computer that's not much bigger than a pencil box.  It's a computer with GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Broadband connections that can actually fit in your inside coat pocket.  And it sells for under $1,000.

"This can be your second PC," said Sony's Brian Altadonna.  "You may have your designated business computer and this s the one you take when you are on the go."

Sony is also introducing a small Walkman MP3 player that holds up to 800 songs and a HD Camcorder that fits in the palm of your hand.  The Webbie HD shoots up to two hours of video with internal flash memory, includes a 5-megapixel still camera and sells for 200 dollars.

"To get this quality five years ago you would have to spend two thousand dollars, this is one tenth the price," said Altadonna.

Dan Cwieka is hoping to make a splash at CES with toy cars that actually work as a computer mouse.  "They're replicated automobiles to the "T" that are computer mice," said Cwieka.

Cwieka had to get permission from the car manufacturers to use their designs that include a Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang and Corvette.  The mice sell for 30 dollars for the wired version and 45 dollars for wireless.

Dan said they are getting lots of attention from car collectors and the carmakers themselves.  "They have to be functional and they have to be made of good quality," said Cwieka.

The Consumer Electronics Show runs through the January 10th.



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