What a Mess: Camp Pendleton Mud Run

Camp Pendleton hosted the first of five events of its annual Mud Run race series on May 31, 2014.

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Military and civilian runners got down and dirty for the first race in Camp Pendleton's annual Mud Run race series on May 31, 2014.
If running a normal 10k is just cake, try adding a number of obstacles to your route. Slogging through the mud counts.
Runners had to clamber over two five-foot walls -- some with more grace than others.
Once over, they had to wade through a muddy pool. This participant found it was easier to just embrace the mess and crawl on his stomach.
The tunnel crawl came next, with Marines standing on top of the large pipes, shouting surprisingly nice words of encouragement.
Organizers expected 14,000 adults and 500 kids during the event, which spans the first three weekends of June.
Volunteers were posted throughout the race to offer a refreshing drink. But if you were really lucky, you got a cup of water thrown in your face.
It soon became clear this run was not for the faint of heart. Push-ups were required.
On top of the tunnel crawl, pit and wall, runners faced tire obstacles, a cargo net climb and a slippery hill.
All proceeds from the race series go to the Marine Corps Community Services quality of life programs for Camp Pendleton personnel and families.
Ahhh, a tiny cup of water to quench the thirst.
A free beer awaited those who made it through the obstacle course. It was just one of many attractions at the Filthy Fun Fest After Party.
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