Fugitive Mom Going Back to Cali

The Carmel Valley mother who escaped from a Michigan prison 32 years ago will be allowed to return to live in San Diego to serve out her parole, in less than a month.

Susan LeFevre was captured last April while living in an upscale neighborhood under the name Marie Walsh. The now-54-year-old was in prison for a heroin sale when she escaped in 1976.

According to her attorney, the state has now finalized the decision that she will be allowed to return to California on her scheduled released date of May 19.

“It was anticipated, it’s normal…certainly not an unusual event to have someone released that way,” her Michigan attorney Barbara Klimaszewski said. 

Klimaszewski insists the release to California is not special treatment and that it had been in the works all this time, but all of the paperwork has finally landed where it needed to land.

A state parole board voted unanimously on Lefevre’s release, after she had been back behind bars for nine months.

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