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Fuel for Summer Program Helps Food Insecure Children During Vacation

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While summer is associated with fun, vacation and more free time for children, some students face more food insecurity because they lose out on regular meals while school is out of session. That concern is more rampant in San Diego County due to the coronavirus pandemic’s grip on the economy.

However, Feeding San Diego is making sure children don’t have to go hungry with its Fuel for Summer program.

Feeding San Diego is making sure children don’t have to go hungry with its Fuel for Summer program. NBC 7's Lauren Coronado has more.

Food insecure children often depend on school meals for nutrition, so the prolonged school closures have proven difficult. For that reason, Feeding San Diego established emergency distribution centers so families in need can get groceries and meals.

According to Vince Hall, CEO of Feeding San Diego, the organization has 300 distribution sites across the county. While summer break is in effect, its Fuel for Summer program will set up special distribution sites where youth in need can get the food without any stigma.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused more food insecurity for local families and to help combat that, the Fuel for Summer campaign aims to feed those in need.

“It breaks my heart that kids, who are the most innocent among us, have to suffer through hunger at a time when society is suffering through unemployment and through fear of a virus and many other concerns," Hall told NBC 7.

Now through June 12, NBC 7 and Telemundo 20 are partnering with Feeding San Diego in which any donations made to the non-profit will be doubled. For more information on the partnership and how to donate, click here.

As of around 7 p.m., the drive had raised nearly $26,000. Thank you, San Diego!

One in four San Diego County children are at risk of going hungry during summer break, but Feeding San Diego is doing all it can with its Fuel for Summer program to make sure that doesn’t happen.
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