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Frustration Over Vaccine Roll Out Mounts

People ages 65 and older, frustrated about when they can get the vaccine, call for clarity and simplicity

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Frustration is mounting as the challenge of getting the vaccine in people's arms is exacerbated by the lack of availability of the vaccine.

Health care workers, those in nursing homes, and those over 75 years old are among those getting the vaccine now. Part of the confusion is that people over the age of 65 are eligible for the vaccine, but, in most cases, are not being given it now. It is a message being confused as the dates change based on the availability of the vaccine.

Gary Crooks, 73, and Carolynn Crooks-Mueller, 72, said they made an appointment to go to Petco Park to get vaccinated.

"I answered everything, I got the appointment and nobody flagged, nobody said you can't come down," Crooks-Mueller said.

When they showed up for the appointment they were turned away.

"I'm more irritated because there were no flags. We spent an hour and a half of our time and another in line for something that never happened," Crooks-Mueller said.

Among those getting the vaccine are those 75 and older, the couple believed they could get the vaccine if they were 65 and older.

“It’s just so ridiculous and it’s hurting the most vulnerable part of our society," said Mark Smith, 70, who has been checking various sites to try to make an appointment, but to no avail. “The seniors who are 65 and above are the ones that all this confusion is coming down on."

"Make it clear, make it clean, make it easy."

Mark Smith, a 70-year-old San Diegan said

President Biden promises to speed up the time it takes to make the vaccine available, to add more distribution sites and to consider a national registry to make it easier for people to sign up and to know when and where to get the vaccine.

President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday outlined his plan to tackle the coronavirus pandemic in his first 100 days. He said he would require masks where he could under the law, secure 100 million vaccine shots and open a majority of schools.

"Make it clear, make it clean, make it easy," said Smith.

San Diego County officials have said that those 65 and older are scheduled to start their vaccines by the end of the month - which is next week - pending the vaccine supply. NBC 7 asked if that was still the plan - but we did not hear back.

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