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Frustrated PB Resident Documenting Homeless Issues to Force City's Hand

Tired of the trash, crime and sidewalk camping, Pacific Beach resident Adam Huntington is videotaping his neighbors' thoughts about the problem so he can forward their testimonials to the city

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Using the power of video, a Pacific Beach resident is amplifying his neighbors' voices to highlight the homeless problem in his neighborhood hoping in hopes the city will hear them out.

“This community feels like it's falling off a cliff and it's palpable. You can feel it,” said Adam Huntington.

Frustrated with trash outside businesses and people camped out on streets, this week Huntington began setting up his camera outside the Pacific Beach Library between 7 and 8 p.m. so anyone can share their homeless testimonials.

In one video he asks people walking past an encampment in someone’s yard, "Do you guys see situations like this around PB all over the place? Yah! You think it's OK?

"No, it's really gross," one answered.

Huntington is planning to use the videos to apply pressure for help from City Hall.

“The roof is on fire, we're shouting from the rooftops, 'Help us. Give us the help, man. Direct our resources to help us.' We've been begging for help," exclaimed Huntington.

District 2 Councilwoman Jennifer Campbell, which covers Pacific Beach, issued a statement noting she and the council just approved several items Tuesday that will help provide homeless funding.

“This funding will help end veteran and youth homelessness while providing needed safe places for those without a roof over their heads. These dollars will have a positive impact on all San Diegans, including residents of Pacific Beach,” Campbell said.

"If there are conversations being had at City Hall, in the meantime can you at least clean up our town while you're not doing anything, waiting for those plans to be enacted," said Huntington.

Right now jail isn't much of a threat because the San Diego County Sheriff's Department says misdemeanor bookings have been reduced since the pandemic.

And according to a captain with San Diego Police Department's Neighborhood Policing Division, officers are just now back to responding to homeless matters after the division was called to help with protests the past few weeks

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