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Friends Raise Taco Tuesday Funds for Mother Battling Cancer

Taco Tuesday took on greater meaning at Mexipino Craft restaurant in Chula Vista Tuesday night. Dozens of people gathered to raise money for a San Diego mother fighting cancer.

Twenty-nine-year-old Maria Buhain might consider this Taco Tuesday the most important one of her life. Flanked by her husband and 3-year-old daughter, she talked about her unwavering faith and her motivation to fight for her life and for her family.

"I feel so blessed. I’m so happy to see the huge support system I have. I’m thankful. I’m thankful for everyone that’s coming here," said Buhain.

Every dollar raised will help her fight lung cancer with what she calls her last hope: a holistic treatment.

She told NBC 7 she has survived breast cancer through surgeries, including a mastectomy. But when the cancer returned, it spread to her lungs. Eight rounds of chemotherapy and radiation later and she said nothing has worked. Now, doctors aren't sure she’ll recover.

"He’s saying there's no cure for my cancer, but my husband and I don't want that for an answer, so we are gonna seek treatment elsewhere," said Buhain.

The holistic treatment Buhain is targeting will cost $50,000 because insurance will not cover it. She’s now relying on the kindness of the people that showed up in full support giving her the motivation to fight for her life.

"I want to show her that her mom is strong. That her mom can do this. You know that she’s gonna have me here and we will have a happy life together," Buhain said about her young daughter.

Tuesday's event raised more than $7,000. Anyone interested in donating to Buhain’s medical fund can do so at this GoFundMe page

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