Shooting Rampage Victim Fights for Life

Martin Hana spent 14 hours in surgery, friends said

He was the first victim in Saturday's shooting rampage that left San Diego police officer Jeremy Henwood dead.

Martin Hana, 22, was sitting inside his car at an In-n-Out Burger in El Cajon with a friend, when Dejon White allegedly drove up and parked, then walked over to Hana's car and quickly opened fire. The buckshot hit Hana in the face.

A member of San Diego's Chaldean-American community, Hana gives language training to U.S. troops headed for Iraq.

Family and friends of Hana gathered Monday to pray for his recovery.

"We prayed and offered prayer at five services for his recovery, and also for the soul of the officer," said Father Michael Bazzi, Pastor at St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral.
Hana attended Bible classes at the cathedral as a child and still attends the church along with his family. A sister sings in the choir.

Friends say Hana is in 'very critical' condition and spent 14 hours in surgery.

Church officials tell us Hana is also a professional musician, who performs along with his father, in addition to his work as an interpreter for military language training classes.

They say, based on everything they've heard since the shootings, that he had no connection with White until he became a random target of the gunman.

"We pray for such a person because he was sick and Martin didn't do anything wrong against him," Bazzi said. "But still we pray for him. I will meet with Martin and ask him to pray for the person who did something harsh and harmful to him."

Sheriff's detectives have yet to release the results of their investigation.

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