Friends, Family Remember Victims of Suspected DUI Crash

While the driver in a suspected DUI crash is being treated for burns at UCSD Medical Center, details are coming out from friends and family about him and his two passengers who died.

The deadly crash happened last Saturday morning at the 4800 block of Friar’s Road.

The two women killed in the crash were best friends. Lizzy Garcia and Lupe Acosta were both in their early 20s, they attended Oceanside High School, and played in the marching band together.

Lupe played the trumpet and Lizzy participated in Colors or the flags ceremonies. Lizzy was studying to become a hair stylist. Lupe adored her puppy that also died in the crash.

“It's horrible. It's tragic. Honestly, people shouldn't drink and drive. They should know better not to get in the car, anything like that," Karen Beltran, a friend of victims told NBC7. "It was really horrible because no one deserves that.”

Tori Buckner, a friend of the victims who said she is the suspect’s cousin, was in disbelief.

“It's just so hard because it's been three days and it still feels unreal," Buckner said. "Because I keep thinking that she's going to talk to me at some point or we're going to go hang out.”

Karen Beltran, another friend, was saddened and frustrated by the crash.

“It’s heartbreaking knowing that it's someone so young and it's like you don't understand why it happens," Beltran said. "Someone survives. The other ones don't. How does it work? How do you put it together?”

The driver was a DJ on the local rave scene, often playing at a Mission Hills club called Somewhere Loud.

Friends told NBC 7 the driver's family member had recently accused the man of stealing.

Police say the driver was covered in burns after losing control of his car and crashing it into a boulder. The collision ignited a small brush fire.

The toxicology reports are not yet back, and police say the investigation is ongoing.

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