Friend: Family Saved Woman Burned by Boyfriend

A woman lit on fire allegedly by her live-in boyfriend last Sunday in Poway remains in a medically induced coma at UCSD Medical Center, according to a longtime family friend.

Jana Tzinberg is close with the victim’s sister. She told NBC 7 the situation is very “touch and go.”

Tzinberg provided more details into what happened last Sunday. She says the victim’s sister called her to say something horrible had happened.

“She sounded completely different,” she said. “They woke up because they saw and heard the screaming. They saw light come from under their door, and what it was was her sister completely engulfed in flames.”

Tzinberg said six people were in the home at the time – the victim -- identified as Lynn Fuller -- the victim’s boyfriend and suspect 41-year-old Vidal Webb, the victim’s sister, the sister’s daughter, the sister’s boyfriend and a friend. She said everyone except Webb was fast asleep when he poured accelerant over the victim and lit it.

Sheriff’s officials say Webb left the Poway home before they got there.

“[My friend’s] boyfriend was the one who grabbed her and got her into the bathroom, into the shower and turned on the overhead hose,” said Tzinberg. She said it was the victim’s sister who got her out of the burning home.

After the fire, Webb was involved in a nine-hour SWAT standoff with sheriff’s officials in City Heights.

Shortly after his arrest, Webb jumped from the second story of the jail and died.

Tzinberg told NBC 7 the family is currently displaced due to fire and water damage to the home.

On Friday, the family had set up a donation page for Fuller and so far, nearly $9,000 had been raised. You can donate to her treatment here.

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