Chula Vista Couple Rents Discounted Airbnb for Medical Workers

Homes are reserved for healthcare professionals during the Coronavirus pandemic

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“I want to do something for the healthcare workers and the first responders,” said Chris Morrow.

The Chula Vista woman and her husband Marty have thought a lot about the doctors and nurses on the front line of the fight against coronavirus.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s crazy,” she said on how hospital workers confront the virus at work but don’t go home because they need or want to stay away from their own families.

“They certainly have a more urgent need to be very safe and isolated,” Marty Morrow said.

That’s where the Morrows hope to contribute. The couple decided to isolate themselves by living and working on their boat.

“It gets old being cramped up and not meeting people for a while,” said Marty who is now working from their temporary home.

However, the Morrows didn’t abandon their regular Chula Vista home.  The couple decided to rent it out through Airbnb at an 80% discount specifically for medical workers.

“It’s going to warm my heart knowing that healthcare workers will be able to utilize the space,” said Chris. “That little amount is going to help us pay our bills.”

Some homeowners are offering their homes for free for hospital staff through Airbnb’s “Frontline Stays” program.  However, Chris said Airbnb is one of their major sources of income.

“I’m scared. I don’t know where our money’s coming from,” she said. “If I could give it to them for free, I would be happy to do that.”

In the meantime, Chris was happy to put a yellow ribbon on the trees outside their Chula Vista home in honor of the medical workers on the front line. Her neighbors did the same. Other communities across the country are also tying yellow ribbons around trees.

“I really just want the healthcare workers to know that we support them and that we love them,” said Chris.

The Morrows said they hope to recover some of their lost income by documenting their floating isolation during the stay-at-home order. Their YouTube page already has more than 24,000 subscribers.

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