Free Garbage Pickup May Be Trashed

As a cost-cutting measure, San Diego city leaders are considering ending trash pickup for small businesses.

More than 7,000 small businesses qualify for free trash pickup in San Diego. Mayor Jerry Sanders said the city needs to consider cutting the service since the city faces a $54 million budget shortfall, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.
Critics, however, argue that cutting service for 7,000 out of the city's more than 300,000 won't save much on the total cost of hauling away the trash.

The City Council may be able to make the cut without putting it before voters, according to the paper. The city has a nearly century-old law on the books requiring it to pick trash up at no cost to residents, but it does not apply to businesses.

Read the Union-Tribune's "Small Businesses Face Loss of Trash Pickup" for more details.

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