Free Food Offered for Fire Workshop

Upcoming workshop at Pala Casino to teach homeowners how to fireproof their homes

If you haven't heard the message, it's time to start thinking about clearing defensible space around your home in preparation for fire season. Fire officials are trying almost everything to get the word out, from going door-to-door, to handing out DVD's to even offering a free lunch.

Volunteers will hand-deliver 400,000 copies of a video created last year by the San Miguel Fire Consolidated Fire Protection District and Farmers Insurance Group. The cost? $200,000 offered up from Farmers to get the video published and out to county residents.

The insurance company is also partnering with the California Fire Safe Council to get people together to talk about what they can do now before a fire starts. The free workshop will be held at Pala Casino Resort and Spa (nice) and will offer free lunch (even better) so what's not to love?

The event happens Tuesday, June 2, at 9:30  a.m. and runs until 2:30 p.m. As if the free food isn't incentive enough, there will be door prizes for those who prepare. You see, the event is available for those who  pre-register only.

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