Free Electric Shuttle Coming to National City

National City has accepted a $1 million grant for its first-ever, zero-emissions shuttle program

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You can put away your Uber apps and bus change. A new form of on-demand transportation is coming to National City... and it's free to riders.

Free Ride Around National City (FRANC) is the city's first zero-emission shuttle program. It aims to provide a clean and safe travel option for community members and tourists visiting National City at a price they can afford.

FRANC will connect residents with mass transit sites, places of work and central locations in National City all the while expanding affordable travel options and reducing pollution.

The city received a $1 million grant Tuesday to help cover the cost of the FRANC pilot program. While services may be free to riders, the city will need to subsidize costs associated with the program.

The grant comes from the Clean Mobility Project Voucher Program which launches new safe, clean, affordable and accessible travel options for underserved communities.

National City Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis said she hopes to have the FRANC program up and running within the next year.

You might be thinking, "Where have I seen this before?" Well, FRANC is very similar to FRED (Free Ride Everywhere Downtown) in downtown San Diego.

FRED is San Diego's offshoot of Circuit Transit. Like FRANC, the transit runs the service and the city subsidizes its cost.

FRED was renewed for another year back in May and will continue to provide free rides in downtown San Diego.

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