Free COVID-19 Tests Will Be Appointment Only in Chula Vista Testing Site

Traffic jams forced the City of Chula Vista to change how people get COVID-19 tests

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A free COVID-19 testing site in Chula Vista is making an immediate change. The site at the South Chula Vista Library is transitioning from first-come-first-served to appointments only.

The line for tests began to wrap around an entire city block that took more than five hours to serpentine through. City of Chula Vista Emergency Services Coordinator Marlon King said they conducted more than 600 tests on their busiest days.

However, the line became a nuisance for neighbors and dangerous for others. Signs at the entrances to mobile home communities read, “Do not block property.”

Ruben Olmos put a similar sign next to the driveway to his International Transmission after watching a woman next door get blocked by the line for COVID-19 testing.

“She couldn’t get out for 20 minutes because they completely blocked the entrance to the mobile home park,” said Olmos, who is located on the other side of the city block from the library’s testing site.

Some of those people who waited in line around that block still don’t get tested.

“It’s heartbreaking,” sighed King. “They’ve been waiting, expecting the test and then we have to turn them away and it’s not just one car. It’s dozens of cars.”

King said that’s why the City of Chula Vista is switching to appointments only beginning Sunday.

“Moving to appointment is the best solution for everybody,” he said. “We can offer more appointments per day. We can test more people.”

Anyone seeking a free COVID-19 test in Chula Vista can make an appointment at or by calling 211.

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