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Fourth of July Holiday Maxes Out Capacity at San Diego Campsites

Large Fourth of July celebrations at the site are a tradition

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People cruising on golf carts, lounging on the beach, and enjoying time with family and friends are a common sight at Campland On The Bay.

“I think everyone just feels great and refreshed to get back out and enjoy San Diego," said Marty Coyne, a camper from El Centro, CA.

Large Fourth of July celebrations at the site are a tradition.

"In this group, we have 11 campers with us," said Relph Heck, a camper from San Diego. "[A total of] 35 to 40 people.”

Heck and his family have been spending independence day at this very spot for the past 12 years.

"The one thing I look forward to is the company, the comradery, and the patriotism of everyone that comes," said Heck. "You're not going to find an unhappy camper in here.”

The Heck family even made it down last year.

"It was way different last year because of COVID," Heck said.

The campsite remained open, but not without COVID-19 restrictions

“We weren't able to do any of the events, any of the live music," said Dave Mack, guest relations manager at Campland. "We weren't able to have gatherings in large groups.”

Like every other business, Mack says they too were impacted by the pandemic.

"A little less occupancy always does [that] and not being able to have everything fully open for our guests to enjoy," Mack said.

This year, however, It's a different story.

"We are at 100% [of our capacity]" Mack said.

Families are back and Campland has regained its vibrancy.

“We have three generations of Coyne families here this weekend to enjoy the weather," said Coyne

Kicking off a holiday weekend independent of COVID-19 restrictions and full of family fun.

"It doesn't get more American than this,” Heck said.

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