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Oh, Baby! Fan Makes Incredible One-Handed Catch While Feeding Baby at Reds vs Padres Game

"While feeding the baby! Holding the bottle, no spillage, baby in perfect bliss and a souvenir!"

A fan made an incredible catch while holding a baby at the San Diego Padres vs. Cincinnati Reds game in Ohio on April 26, 2022.

In the history of amazing fan catches in baseball, there's the moment one fan used her prosthetic leg to catch a ball and, of course, the time a woman at a Padres game caught a foul with her full beer -- then proceeded to chug the glass.

It might be time to add another to the list.

At the Cincinnati Reds vs. San Diego Padres game Tuesday night, Padre Luis Campusano sent a foul ball soaring toward left field and directly toward a man with a baby cradled to his chest.

While for most in that situation, the instinct may be to duck, this fan swung into action. Video from the game shows the dad rise up slightly and hold out one hand, all while keeping his other hand firmly on the bottle he's using to feed his little one.

In a split second, he catches the ball in his open hand and casually sits back down. The bottle never leaves the baby's mouth.

A woman next to the man looks stunned, then begins cheering, to which the man nods and holds up the ball in celebration.

In an interview with NBC affiliate WKWT news in Cincinnati, Jacob Kingsley said it was his 11-month-old son Shepherd's first game ever and there were some nerves involved, at least for his wife, Jordan.

"I've seen these horror stories online about foul balls and you just gotta keep an eye with little kids, so I was like 'You better be watching, you better be watching.' And he took his job seriously, I guess," Jordan Kingsley said.

Jacob Kingsley added, "As it was coming off the bounce, I was like, still kind of protecting him, and initially that's why I was reaching my hand out, and it just gravitated towards the ball and made the catch."

The announcers couldn't get enough of the moment.

"While feeding the baby! Holding the bottle, no spillage, baby in perfect bliss and a souvenir!" one said while replaying the catch.

The Cincinnati Reds Twitter account kept it going, resharing the highlight with the caption, "just dad things."

One fan tweeted the catch was the "Best play of the game," to which another responded, "Best play of the season."

We should note it's not the first time a fan has caught a ball with baby in hand. In 2021, a Diamondbacks fan juggled a baby, a beer and, stunningly, dropped none.

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