Foster Mother Guilty of Abusing Infant

Getty Images

A San Diego woman was convicted Tuesday of abusing her foster child, a 3-month-old boy who suffered seven broken bones.

Jurors found Elizabeth Sanders guilty on two felony counts of child abuse plus allegations of great bodily injury.

When the boy was brought to the hospital for a broken leg two years ago, doctors determined the child had six additional fractures.

His injuries included broken ribs in the front and back as well as two broken legs according to prosecutor Michelle Ialeggio.

“Unfortunately it is all too common that children, especially under the age of 6 months, are abused,” Ialeggio said. “It is overwhelmingly common.”

The case against Sanders stretched out over two years with medical experts testifying for the prosecution and the defense.

Sanders faces prison time or probation when she is sentenced Oct. 7.

On Tuesday, she left the courthouse after posting bail. She hasn’t spent any time in custody according to prosecutors.

The victim has recovered and just celebrated his second birthday. He has been successfully adopted to a wonderful, loving home Ialeggio said.

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