Foster Farms Updates Chicken Recall List After Salmonella Outbreak

A product recall for a California chicken producer linked to a salmonella outbreak has been updated this past week to include additional "use or freeze by" and "best by" dates.

Earlier this month, Foster Farms issued a recall for 170 different chicken products that came from its Fresno facilities in March.

Then, this past week the USDA announced that also recalled are fresh and frozen chicken products with varying “use or freeze by” dates ranging March 16 through March 31, 2014, and Aug. 29, 2015 through Sept. 2, 2015.

Foster Farms also recalled frozen Sunland Chicken products with “best by” dates from March 7 through March 11, 2015, and Aug. 29, 2015, through Sept. 2, 2015.

These products have been distributed to California, Hawaii, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Oregon and Alaska.

The total amount of chicken involved was not known.

The salmonella Heidelberg outbreak has led to more than 500 illnesses in 27 states, but no deaths.

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