Fort Myers Family Weathers Storm as it Hits Directly Over Neighborhood

A Fort Myers family made the decision to weather the winds of Irma this weekend instead of evacuating their home. While they waited out the hurricane and prayed for minimal damage to their house, they spoke to NBC 7.

Initially, the Barfoot family was going to go to Orlando, but when they heard the hurricane had altered course they canceled their motel and decided to stay. Then, with very little time to change their plans, they found out the hurricane was headed straight to Fort Myers.

Dan Barfoot and his family live in the Gateway community 20 miles inland and say they've experienced at least 90 mph winds.

“It's harrowing, it's a howl, constantly,” Barfoot told NBC 7. “You can hear the water just going every which way."

The six of them hunkered down in a closet and a bathroom for part of the storm, while their 2-year-old watched “Moana” on a tablet.

"I have no idea what the damage is like outside [in] the neighborhood, I can only imagine the worst,” Barfoot said.

There’s a curfew until 7 a.m. Monday and Barfoot says only then will they be able to start assessing the damage.

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