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Former Iraqi Refugee Turned San Diego Pharmacist Gives Back to His Community

East County, San Diego, has a large Middle Eastern community and those that are refugees can find help from someone recently in the same position

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Saif Namiq, who is a CVS Pharmacy manager believes it is his duty to help others.

His journey began in Iraq and many lessons he learned growing up helped shape his life and work ethic.

“I came to the United States when I was about 20 years old. When I came here it was a little bit difficult acclimating to the culture here and the language, so I started working at a fast-food restaurant and I started going to college as well, starting at community college and worked my way up to getting a doctorate and pharmacy degree,” CVS Pharmacy Manager Said Namiq said.

Some incidents that occurred around him were eye-opening.

“During the war time it was, you know you are scared, you are terrified because of everything that’s going on around you,” Namiq said.

Upon settling into the United States and establishing himself in the community he turned his sights on helping others.

With the backing of CVS Health and the International Rescue Committee Namiq trains and mentors refugees in the El Cajon area.

Through the program, Namiq trains those who want to become pharmacy technicians and continues mentoring them.

Namiq is passionate about his work and hopes the program is expanded to help as many people as he can.

“When a patient comes to me and says I appreciate you it really means a lot to me, it truly feels like I made a difference in someone’s life,” Namiq said.  

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