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Former Padre Helps Surprise Northern California Fire Victim

Xavier Nady donates memorabilia to 10-year-old boy who lost his baseball collection in the Camp Fire

Former Padres outfielder Xavier Nady may be retired after playing 15 years in the major leagues but he still knows how to step up to the plate when needed.

Nady donated a package full of signed cards, photos, baseballs and a pair of batting gloves he used as a pro to a 10-year-old Northern California boy named Colton who lost his prized baseball memorabilia collection in the fast-moving Camp Fire.

The Camp Fire is the most destructive wildfire in California history and for Colton it will be remembered as the awful thing that destroyed his home, including the 51 signed baseballs he kept tucked away in his room.

A friend of Colton's family recently put a message up on a closed Facebook group of "Physician Moms" with roughly 70,000 members worldwide asking for anyone with baseball connections to help get the boy a ball or two.

Namrata Kapoor, a San Diego mom and doctor, saw the message and even though she didn't know anyone involved felt the need to do something.

Kapoor reached out to a friend, who reached out to another friend, who happened to be Nady.

Not only did Nady play professional baseball, but like young Colton, he is a fan of the game. During his playing days, he collected autographs from teammates and players he admired.

Kapoor knew Nady would help out, but she never expected such a large donation.

"I just thought maybe one or two baseballs," she said. "So I look in the package and it was just the most thoughtful sweet thing, especially the handwritten letter to Colton."

Nady didn't just donate his own autographed items, he threw in signed baseballs from other players such as Chipper Jones, Eric Hosmer and Stephen Strasburg.

Kapoor says Nady's generosity is proof of the good that can come through the power of social media when people make connections in an effort to help one another.

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