Former Navy SEAL Surprises Guests by Skydiving From a Helicopter Into His Wedding

The couple met while skydiving two years ago in Florida

They call it taking the leap – and this bride and groom have interpreted it literally. Steve Sanders and Jeanne Parsch were married at the Omni La Costa Resort &Spa in Carlsbad on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in October. Parsch wore a stunning white dress with a flowing lace veil and Sanders donned his white Navy uniform.

Their wedding, however, was anything but traditional. During the cocktail hour, Sanders surprised the guests by skydiving into the reception. Note: Sanders is a former Navy SEAL who retired after 24 years in the teams.

“Jeanne and I met skydiving. I took her for a tandem almost two years ago, so we were considering us jumping into our wedding…”

“I bailed out,” Parsch interjected laughing, still wearing her wedding gown.

“So it turned into me jumping into the cocktail hour,” he told NBC 7.

The couple met in Florida at a function for college women moving into the corporate world.

“We literally landed two years ago when I went skydiving with him tandem. I landed and said ‘oh my god, I love you.’ And he said ‘I’m single,’ and we’ve been together ever since,” Parsch said, her arm around her new husband.

Parsch admitted seeing Sanders skydive makes her a little anxious. “I’m nauseous, but I’m so happy,” she explained. “I’m nervous every time he skydives, but he has over 6,000 jumps. We thought it was the chance of a lifetime to be able to do this.”

Sanders now skydives for a living. 

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