Bottles Fly in Post-Chargers Game Brawl

Passionate sports fans, mixed with alcohol turned into a bloody brawl

Moments after the end of Sunday’s San Diego Chargers game, a fight broke out in the stadium parking lot that sent glass bottles flying between opposing fans. 

Two men were struck in the head with glass bottles and at least one person was hospitalized with serious injuries in the fight, which was caught on camera by two witnesses.

The violent brawl broke out less than a week after a California man was fatally stabbed during a rivalry-fueled fight that followed a game between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers in San Francisco.

Sunday's fight started in section H of the Chargers' Qualcomm parking lot between some people wearing Dallas Cowboys jerseys and Chargers jerseys. Watch: Raw Video

What started as a verbal altercation escalated when a woman slapped a man in his face.

Moments later, the video shows a man hitting the same Cowboys fan over the head with a beer bottle.

As the crowd tries to break the two men apart, another man gets struck with a beer bottle over his head.

The confrontation lasted about 25 minutes, according to witness Todd Bowen.

Bowen was cut in his arm from flying glass.

"The glass actually stuck in my arm about 2 inch, 3 inch long and of course I'm looking at my arm and I pull it out and it doesn't stop bleeding,"

He said the paramedics asked him if it was a bullet wound. They just bandaged the arm and told him to get the wound checked by a physician.

The woman who slapped a man was questioned and released Bowen said. San Diego police confirmed at least one person was detained.

Native San Diegan Pete Rhoades has been a Chargers fan since the 1960s. He videotaped the fight and captured his friend, Bowen, getting injured.

“It’s only a football game and I can’t understand why people would get to that point,” Rhoades said.

The fight happened on the same day the family of the 24-year-old who was stabbed to death after last week's Dodgers/Giants game in San Francisco asked for the public’s help.

Dodger fan Jonathan Denver was killed during a fight with a group of Giants' fans late Wednesday night.

The suspect in the case, 21-year-old Michael Montgomery of Lodi, was released from jail Friday night after prosecutors said police had insufficient evidence to charge him in connection with Denver's death.

Denver's family is asking witnesses to turn in any video of the confrontation that may have been recorded on a phone. 

San Diego police officers told NBC 7 there are fights and arrests after every Chargers home game.

Qualcomm Stadium has an alcohol policy that limits beer sales during the game. There is a two-drink limit until the start of third quarter. After the third quarter begins, fans can purchase only one drink per visit to the concession stand. No alcohol is sold in the fourth quarter.

According to the Chargers website, glass bottles are not allowed in the Qualcomm parking lot.

The Chargers won the game 30-21.

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