Food Bank Faces Damaging Cuts

Cuts could reduce supply by nearly 6 million pounds next year

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The Food Bank says that upcoming cuts from the U.S. Department of Agriculture could devastate their supply.

The bank launched a major campaign Thursday to oppose the cuts.

Currently, more than 60 percent of the food distributed to county residents comes from USDA hunger-relief programs. That's more than 11 million pounds per year.

The combination of House-passed budget cuts and the end of 'stimulus funding' for emergency food programs, could reduce the Food Bank's supply by 5.9 million pounds next year.

"I know that if these dollars are cut, it shrinks the package that they will receive...because it is so small," said Representative Susan Davis.

Current cuts to emergency 'stimulus' food supplies are being applied this month and will reduce the amount of food families receive from ten food items per family to five.

The packages contain canned foods, cereal, cheese, powdered milk, rice, beans, pasta and other staple foods.

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