Fog Causes Travel Delays

If you have plans to fly out of San Diego this morning it's best to call ahead.

Starting around 8 p.m. Monday no flights have been allowed to land at Lindbergh Field because of heavy fog.

That means some planes that were expected to be on the ground for early departures Tuesday just aren't there.

All of the diverted flights were sent to Los Angeles with passengers bussed down to San Diego.

Adding an extra leg travel to get to their final destination.

Planes that were already here before the heavy fog rolled in were allowed to take-off.

But it was a frustrating situation for family and friends who came to the airport to pick-up passengers and the plane never arrived at Lindbergh Field.

Arnold Gruner came to pick up his daughter and her family coming home from a trip to Hawaii.

"They just landed in LA and they don't know if they're going to come down here or not afterwards," said Gruner. "So we're just waiting for her to let us know."

Don't be fooled if you live somewhere else in the city or county and didn't wake up to fog at your house.

The fog seemed to be isolated to some of the coastal areas leaving other parts unaffected.

Best advice is to call ahead to check on the status of your departure or arrival.

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