Flying Through San Diego Airport for the Holidays? Here's What to Know

distancing at the sd airport
San Diego International Airport/Twitter

As San Diegans gear up for the holiday season, the San Diego International Airport (SAN) is stepping up their health safety procedures but also wants to provide travelers some tips before they fly amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Here's What Travelers Should Do Before Flying Out of San Diego International Airport:

Check with the country, state and/or city you are traveling to in order to clearly understand their travel restrictions. Some places may have testing requirements, may require travelers to quarantine upon arrival or may have other requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Visit government websites for the latest and most accurate information.

Before your trip, check with the website of the airline you are traveling with for any special requirements they may have.

"Airlines have implemented COVID-19 health and safety measures for check in, boarding, and while on the plane. Passengers should understand the expectations of the airline prior to arriving at the airport," SAN said.

The holidays are typically the busiest time of year for travel, but amid the threat of COVID-19, health experts are hoping more people stay closer to home this year. Andrew Noymer, a public health expert and professor at the University of California, Irvine, joined LX News to discuss the health risks of holiday travel and safety tips for visiting relatives this year.

Before arriving at the airport, check your temperature and monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.

At all times while at the airport, guests are required to wear a face covering. If you do not have one, stop by any airport information desk, concession stand and terminal vending machines to purchase one.

Airport officials ask travelers to wash their hands, avoid touching their face, keeping six feet apart from others and to cover their coughs and sneezes when in the presence of others.

NBC 7's Gavin Newsom takes a look at the details of the governor's warning.

Here's What Travelers Should Know While at San Diego International Airport:

Security checkpoints are open and passengers are still required to go through screenings, though those screenings may take longer due to the coronavirus.

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has added it's own health safety protocols in light of the coronavirus. For example, travelers will notice plastic barriers between themselves and TSA agents.

Here are some other TSA changes to be aware of:

  • Travelers will need to adjust their face coverings to have their ID verified. If moved to a secondary screening, they may need to remove their covering.
  • TSA officers will change their gloves with each pat-down and if a traveler requests it
  • TSA is allowing a container of hand sanitizer up to 12-ounces per passenger to go through the screening process. Other liquids must still follow the 3-1-1 rule.
  • Instead of handing IDs and boarding passes to TSA agents, travelers will be asked to hold up their items or place it on a barcode reader themselves.
  • TSA asks travelers to place items like watches, belts, wallets in their carry on bags instead of bins

Some San Diego International Airport facilities and features are closed. The Cell Phone Lot outside the main airport area is closed as is the Long Term Lot and the Curbside Valet at terminals 1 & 2. Parking lots at terminals 1 & 2 are still open and reservations can be made in advance here.

Shuttle service between terminals is also not available due to the pandemic and buses to and from the Rental Car Center are running at a reduced capacity.

SAN has instilled their own health and safety protocols throughout the facility, including increased cleaning of high-touch areas, conducting disinfectant spraying throughout the airport, adding signage and decals that share information on social distancing with passengers and more.

Their protocols, according to SAN, have earned them the Airport Council International's (ACI) Airport Health Accreditation. Learn more about their "Let's Go Safely" modifications here.

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