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Flu Cases Spike 70% This Week in San Diego County

The spike is a sign that flu activity is increasing in San Diego County

Flu vaccine being drawn from a vial into a syringe.

The number of influenza cases reported in San Diego County rose by nearly 70 percent last week, according to the County Health and Human Services Agency.

A total of 489 flu cases were reported last week, up from the 291 influenza cases that were recorded the previous week.

To date, 1,709 flu cases were reported in the county this year, compared to the 932 that were reported at this time in 2018.

The spike is a sign that flu activity is increasing in the region.

County Public Health Officer Wilma Wooten says getting vaccinated for the flu is especially important around the holidays. She says at this time of year, the risk of getting sick increases because people stay indoors and gather in large groups.

Wooten urged residents 6 months and older to get their flu shot, especially those with chronic medical conditions, those that are pregnant and those over 65 years old.

It takes at least two weeks for a person's body to build up an immunity to the shot.

In addition to vaccination, the CDC also recommends you:

  • Wash your wands thoroughly and often
  • Use sanitizer
  • Stay away from sick people
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Clean commonly touched surfaces
  • If your sick, stay home and away from others

You can get a flu vaccination at doctor's offices and retail pharmacies. You can also go to the County Public Health Center to get vaccinated if you're uninsured. Visit www.sdiz.org or call 211 San Diego for a list of locations.

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