San Diego

Fleet Week Brings Parade and Boot Camp Challenge to San Diego

Fleet Week San Diego runs through this weekend and, on Saturday, San Diegans were treated to several fun events all about the U.S. military.

At the Sea and Air Parade, the military got to show off its fighter jets and war ships. There was also Saturday’s Boot Camp Challenge at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

Dozens of drill instructors yelled at the runners as they made their way through the grueling course. San Diegans of all backgrounds got a taste of the training U.S. Marines go through every day. During the 3-mile course, runners go through several obstacles, including log hurdles and tunnel crawls.

“They’re up in your face, and they’re loud,” said runner Amy Guerrero. “It’s not too bad, but I’m glad I don’t do it every day.”

“It gives me a good feeling to see the support from the community,” said Marine Sgt. Brandon Hund. “We have a big mission: for the Marine Corps to make Marines. To see the community come out here and support what we’re doing, it’s really eye-opening.”

As civilians gain a better appreciation for what Marines do, the military is hoping that events like this will build a better connection between service members and the public they serve.

“I can’t imagine doing the whole course with the ropes and the cargo nets, in boots and gear,” said runner Ines Hrebenda. “I have a lot of respect.”

Fleet Week San Diego, a tradition aimed at showing appreciation for military service members, wraps up Tuesday.

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