Fixing a Carlsbad Fridge Fiasco

Shahira Ranieri was fed up with her faulty fridge. So, she contacted NBC 7 Responds for help.

Shahira Ranieri was tired of getting burned by her refrigerator.

The Carlsbad homeowner told NBC 7 Responds she would injure her hand when opening the door to her fridge to get a bite to eat.

“I would open the fridge and the temperature inside was warmer than the ambient temperature in the room,” Ranieri said . “No, not good.”

Luckily, she thought, Ranieri had a home warranty through American Home Shield. So she called and the company sent out a worker to fix the problem in July 2018.

But two months later, the refrigerator broke again. So Ranieri again called American Home Shield.

“When [the workers] came and they repaired it in October, they said, 'Don’t you worry, this is it,'" Ranieri said. "'This is the final fix, nothing is going to happen again.'"

"Well, it did in March of 2019."

When Ranieri called American Home Shield again, they sent a repair company to completely rebuilt her fridge. But, it broke again, she said.

Each time the fridge broke down, Ranieri said she had to throw out her food, dollars-worth in the trash.

Ranieri knew she had to do something different. While her warranty company was responsive, Ranieri said they weren’t successfully fixing the problem.

So, she went out and bought a new refrigerator and asked her warranty company to foot the bill. When the company said no, Ranieri turned to NBC 7 Responds for help.

“My friend said, ‘You know a lot of times Consumer Bob does some great stuff and he can help people,’” Ranieri said.

NBC 7 Responds contacted American Home Shield and a few days later, Ranieri received a call.

“Within days, the Vice President of Operations at American Home Shield apologized profusely,” Ranieri said.

American Home Shield sent a check to Ranieri for $7,000 to cover the cost of the fridge.

In a statement, a spokesperson told NBC 7 Responds, “Our customers count on us to provide them with convenient access to quality repairs, and we regret that we failed to deliver on Ms. Raineri's expectations and ours. We hope to have the opportunity to be of continued service to Ms. Raineri and provide an experience that better reflects our values and commitment."

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