Kindergartner Brings Beads to Class, 5 Kids Eat Them

A Kindergartner brought beads to school and a staff member called 911

A kindergarten student who brought beads to class caused a medical scare for several students at a San Diego elementary school Wednesday, officials confirmed.

San Diego Fire-Rescue and HAZMAT crews were called to Perkins Elementary School in Barrio Logan at approximately 3:30 p.m. after a staff member called 911. 

One student swallowed the beads, San Diego Fire-Rescue spokesperson Lee Swanson said, and convinced others to do the same.

Five students were taken to Rady Children's Hospital as a precaution, officials said. The ages of the students were not clear.

San Diego Unified School District spokesperson Ursula Kroemer said staff always puts the safety of our students at the forefront.

“We appreciate the help of parents in making sure students do not bring craft items or other items that aren’t clearly labeled for school,” she added.

HAZMAT crews responded as a precaution, Swanson said, in case the beads contained dangerous chemicals. However, it was later determined they were only plastic and posed no danger. 

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