Five More Flu Deaths Reported in San Diego

Five more San Diego residents have died from flu-related deaths, bringing to total deaths this season to nine, health officials said.

The people ranged in age from 68 to 95 years of age and all of them had underlying medical conditions.

70 San Diegans died from flu-related deaths last season, the most deaths since County Health and Human Services officials began tracking the disease. During the 2012 to 2013 season, 65 deaths were reported.

Health officials said influenza this winter is spreading and sickening San Diegans at a faster rate than last year’s flu season: there have been 263 confirmed cases to date, more than double last year’s number.

This year's vaccine is not a good match for one of the strains, officlas have said, but it is well-matched fro other strains. Partial protection provided by the vaccine helps prevent the severity of symptoms.

Nationwide, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has described this flu season as an “epidemic.”

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