Five-Mile TRACK Trails for Adventure Tours Opens at San Dieguito County Park

The TRACK Trails program lets families take self-guided tours and win prizes for tracking their adventures.

The County of San Diego Parks and Recreation has opened a TRACK Trails System that lets children choose their own imaginative adventure as they embark on a family hike.

All ages are welcome at the grand opening of over five miles of TRACK Trails at the San Dieguito County Park in Del Mar. The event began Friday morning at 10 on 1628 Lomas Santa Fe. This included a ribbon-cutting ceremony, where families helped their children use giant red scissors to cut the tape.

TRACK Trails is a program that allows hikers to take self-guided tours and track their adventure using an online nature journal. Park officials said players can access the journal on their smartphones or on a computer after returning home.

“We want kids and families to get outside and learn about nature, make it part of their daily routine or weekly routine, get them sort of connected to the natural resources that make San Diego and San Dieguito County Park special and unique," Jason Urroz, director of Parks and Recreation, said in a statement.

"Get them to come out and feel the sage, smell the rosemary, look at the eucalyptus trees and the torrey pines, the animals and all the other things that call this place home," said Urroz.

A partnership between Kids in Park and the San Diego County Department of Parks and Recreation made this program possible. On the Kids in Park website, there are different, unique adventures that families can select. These include a scavenger hunt, hide 'n seek and an animal exercise game that features eight different animal exercises to perform along the trail.

Park officials said the program was designed to help children explore the natural beauty of parks in a fun and thrilling way, that turns an ordinary hike into a family adventure. Different kiosks with brochures are distributed across the trail to add to the hiking experience.

For children and adults with special needs, there is a baseball field with playgrounds, exercise stations, lawn areas and other resources to accommodate them, park officials said.

TRACK Trails has already been implemented at five other San Diego County Parks, including Lake Morena County Park, Lindo Lake County Park, Louis A. Stelzer County Park and San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve.

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