First San Diego City Bans Plastic Bags

Solana Beach charges shoppers for paper

Paper or plastic is no longer the question in Solana Beach. Starting Thursday the coastal city banned single use plastic bags from supermarkets and other retail stores.  Now shoppers have to bring their own bags or pay 10 cents for a paper bag.

"I think I'll be bringing my own bags," said Solana Beach resident Stanley Berger. 

The retired dog owner says he still needs plastic bags to pick up after his dog but says he will do without or use bags that are legal.

According to the Solana Beach law, plastic bags used in the supermarket for meat and produce and exempt. Bags for newspapers and dry cleaning are also permitted in the new law.

But when Mase Mansori found out he had to pay for paper bags while he was shopping at the Solana Beach Quick Mart, he wasn't happy. 

"I"m already getting charged for my groceries," said Mansori, "Now I'm going to get charged for my bags. I don't like the idea too much."

Solana Beach City Manager David Ott says people will get used to the change. 

"Obvious plastic is convenient and there is extra effort you have to go through with this." said Ott, "I think in the long run the reward for our environment is well worth the criticism we've taken."

Solana Beach offered shoppers free reusable bags outside the Von's store on Lomas Santa Fe.  They will have other free giveaways throughout the city. 

David Ott says Solana Beach has heard from other cities in San Diego that are interested in starting a similar ban.

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