First Responders Struggle to Find Oceanside House Fire's Source

First responders say they had trouble finding the source of a bedroom fire that broke out in an Oceanside home Friday.

The first responders were surprised by the thickness of the smoke and had difficulties locating where the actual fire was burning, according to Battalion Chief Jessamyn Specht of the Oceanside Fire Department.

Once the Oceanside Fire Department entered the house’s second floor, “they had basically zero visibility, and so, they broke a few windows to get some of the smoke out,” Specht told NBC 7.

The first responders then quickly found the fire burning in the back corner of a second-floor bedroom.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation, but Specht said it was most likely a faulty outlet.

The Oceanside residents were home at the time of the fire, saw the smoke, and called 911.

The home had severe smoke damage to its second floor and little water damage to its first floor.

No injuries were reported during this time. 

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