First Lady Has “Cattitude”

Christine Lippencourt

First Lady Michelle Obama knows her nail polish.

While Mrs. Obama shook hands with military personnel and their families at Camp Pendleton north of San Diego Sunday, she stopped when she saw Jolie Lippencott’s blue nails.

"I know the name of that fingernail polish!" Mrs. Obama told the 8-year old Oceanside girl.

Jolie smiled, "You do?"

"Of course! It's called Cattitude!" said Mrs. Obama referring to the “What’s Up with the Cattitude” color on Jolie's nails.

Jolie’s mom, an administrative assistant at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, snapped an image of the conversation and shared it with her co-workers.

"I was just amazed that she knew that," Christine Lippencott said Tuesday.

Christine, whose husband is an active duty Marine, wanted to take advantage of the chance to see the first lady. Jolie, a second gradeer at Mary Fay Pendleton, stood in the front row. Christine said they had no idea that she would get the chance to shake hands with Mrs. Obama.

During their conversation, Jolie asked the first lady if she went to the spa.

“Yeah girl, I go to the spa,” Mrs. Obama said.

“She made a common ground with her,” said Lippencourt. “It shows her how personable she is.

“I think Jolie will remember that for the rest of her life,” said Christine.

Chances are, it will sink in at some point but this week, while Jolie’s mom has been talking about the encounter with most everyone, Jolie didn’t even mention it to her classmates.

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