Fireworks Snuffed Out by Budget Cuts

For more than a century, people have lined up on the beach in Oceanside for the annual fireworks spectacular on July 4th.

This week, Oceanside’s City Council voted to cancel the show, the latest victim of shearing budgets in this faltering economy.

The decision will save the city at least the $40,000 cost of the display. If crowds clear out of the beach area earlier than usual, police officers won't have to work as much overtime, according to the North County Times.

Cuts are necessary; say city leaders, to help Oceanside face the $3.7 million deficit looming for the next fiscal year.

"We are looking at some very, very tough times," Councilman Jerry Kern told the North County Times Wednesday.

The mayor told the paper he’d rather see the fireworks go than cut funding for libraries and parks.

Read more about the city’s financial troubles and what is still available for families in Oceanside, in this article in the North County Times.

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