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Fireworks Light Up San Diego Sky on 4th of July

One of the biggest fireworks displays in Southern California lit up the San Diego sky for the 4th of July.

The Big Bay Boom blasted off along San Diego’s embarcadero with hundreds of thousands of families’ eyes glued to the sky.

NBC 7 had multiple cameras pointed at the bay to give you different looks at all the festive razzle and dazzle.

Ooooohhhh! Aaaaaahhh!

San Diego Harbor Police had to stop vehicle traffic into Shelter Island later in the evening. A few lucky drivers found the final parking spaces, and that alone deserved a celebration.

“We were driving all the way down there, we were just weaving trying to find a spot and someone pulled out,” explained Ashley Lopez. “Woo! We found a spot, I was so happy!”

Some families started setting up their tents under last night’s stars.

“We get here at midnight, get our spot,” said Freeman Ray.

Ray and his brother have been coming out to Shelter Island for the Fourth of July for nearly two decades. He said he knows the drill.

“You can’t start putting tents up until about 3:00 a.m. cause the sprinklers go off (ends) at 3:30.”

Families filled up the grass all over Shelter Island. They were dressed in red, white and blue, whether it was a swim suit, an American flag t-shirt, or a dog wearing its own July 4th attire while playing fetch.

Everyone’s favorite part though, the fireworks.

“I like when it goes red and blue, those two colors and I also like when it goes in hearts,” said 9-year-old Neddie Saylor.

“Today is the Fourth of July and there is fireworks coming and this is the best part,” said 6-year-old Jacinto Henderson.

“The best thing about Fourth of July is spending time with each other having fireworks and having lots of fun,” said Henderson’s older brother, 7-year-old AJ.

Some families travelled farther than others. The Abercrombie family, all 22 of them, came from Salt Lake City and Denver.

“We have fireworks in Utah and they are awesome too, but with them going off in the bay in the background and this atmosphere is spectacular, you can’t beat it,” said Carla Abercrombie.

The show started exactly at 9:00 p.m. The grand finale was so grand, some people became emotional.

“It made me cry at the end,” said one woman watching it with Saylor’s family.

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