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Dog Caught Between Rock and Hard Place Recovering from Injuries

A young German shepherd mix who became stuck between boulders for several days is recovering from her injuries.

"Rocksann" was found by a Valley Center couple at least three days after they first heard her yelping in distress in a ravine otuside their property. They tried to find her when they first heard her yelping but were unsuccesful.

When they found her on Thursday, they immeditatley recognized her as the stray dog they had been feeding for a while.

Valley Center Fire Protection District firefighters climbed up the ravine to rescue the pup, and gave her a name fitting of her circumstance.

“She probably went in after a rabbit or squirrel but when she got in there, got her head stuck,” said Animal Control Officer Denise Gove.

Rocksann at first appeared OK, but her face began to swell and medical teams County’s animal shelter in Carlsbad found crushing injuries on her head and sides.

She underwent treatment to repair the wounds and will need ongoing care as she heals, the county said.

Rocksann is about a year old and didn’t have a microchip. She’s currently on a three-day hold to see if an owner comes forward to claim her. Otherwise, there is a finder’s hold.

The county offers microchipping services during regular business hours.

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