San Diego

Firefighter Fixes PB&J's for Kids Whose Mom was Taken to the Hospital

It can be scary when a family member is rushed from your home to the hospital due to a medical emergency, especially if you're a kid and the patient is your mom.

Luckily, there are gracious firefighters and paramedics across the county like Lakeside Fire Department's Brandon Stanard who make it a point to comfort us in scary situations.

LFD tweeted this picture of Stanard slapping together a couple of peanut butter and jelly sanwiches for a patient's children last Friday. Their mother had been taken to the hospital and paramedics were waiting for a caregiver to arrive.


An extra-chunky PB&J isn't quite the same when someone other than your mom makes it, but Stanard and the LFD were happy to take second place in the rankings that night.

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