‘Fireball' Caused by Mylar Balloons Hitting Power Lines

A blast damaged a home in Chula Vista when balloons struck power lines, fire officials said. The surge of electricity produced a fireball according to one witness.

The incident on D Street just after 3 p.m. melted electrical outlets and wires inside the home, Battalion Chief David Albright said. 

Chula Vista Fire Department crews were called to the home with the report of an explosion and crossed utility lines. 

Juan Perez lives nearby and was outside when it happened. 

“I just seen the fireball,” said Perez, adding that he saw a woman run out of the home with a child in her arms. 

“She was frantic. She didn’t know which way to go,” he said. 

He said the surge of electricity shook the ground. 

“I didn’t think a balloon could cause that much damage,” said Perez. 

Service was cut off to two homes and an apartment complex, Albright said. 

No one was injured.

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